3 Great Sources for Free Stock Photos that you can use in your Book

Copyrighting is a serious issue in the digital era that we live in. It is no longer legal to simply “borrow” photos and images without asking for permission. Many people think that it’s perfectly fine to use other people’s images as long as they give them credits on their website. They think that the authors should be grateful because they are getting free promotion. In addition, some people think that it’s okay to use other people’s images simply because their project is small. All these excuses look reasonable, but the fact is that they don’t mean anything legally.

If you are planning on using photos in your book or even on your blog, you should know that using free stock photos is your best option. Of course, you can also get paid photos if you are ready to invest in imagery. So, where can you find free stock photos that you can use in your book?


Stock.xchang is actually a gigantic photo gallery with more than 400,000 images. Getty Images is the legal owner of this website. Many artists and photographers are using this online platform to share their work and most of the images found there come with a Creative Commons license. This means that you can use them without paying anything, but you have to give credit to the author. Another thing that we would like to mention about this website is that it has a great search engine. You can make accurate searches for specific subjects.


Even if you have not used images for books so far, you are probably familiar with Flickr. This website is owned by Yahoo and it has more than four billion images. With so many images, it is quite natural that Flickr has a well-developed search engine. Our advice is to use the Advanced Search settings if you are looking for free stock photos for your book. There is an option to select images for commercial use.


Even though Pixabay is not focused on book writers and designers, there is a great chance that you will find the perfect free stock photo for your cover. You can also find free stock photos that you can use inside your book. Pixabay has categorized all the images in its offer making it easier to get inspired and identify the best images for your next project.