5 Free Stock Photo Websites for Social Media purposes

In case you are working as a social media marketer or you are running a successful profile on some of the popular social media networks, you are probably aware how hard it is to find a good image to support your post. Most people know that images play a very important role when it comes to getting the attention of Internet users. Of course, only a small number of them are prepared to pay to get an interesting photo. Well, the fact is that you don’t have to pay a dime to get attractive free stock photos that you can use for social media activities. The following is a list of 5 free stock photo websites where you can find images like this.

  1. Free Refe

This is a website that features a wide range of free photos that are popular due to their high quality and clarity. Even though most of the photos are focused on presenting real-life situations, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find images that are a little bit abstract. Free Refe updates its collection from time to time to make sure to bookmark this website.

  1. ISO Republic

The main objective of ISO Republic is to deliver images with exceptional quality that can be used bloggers, developers, designers, website owners and social media marketers. The good news is that there are thousands of photos found on this website and they are divided into categories like nature, architecture, urban, people etc. There are some random suggestions provided on the home page of this site.

  1. Startup Stock Photos

As the name reveals, Startup Stock Photos is an excellent place to look for photos that can be used by entrepreneurs. Our suggestion is to use this website whenever you want to redirect your social media audience to your blog.

  1. RawPixel

One of the greatest advantages of using RawPixel for free stock photos is that you will get access to a diverse collection of photos. They are known for their innovations and their ability to present unique photographs that you cannot find elsewhere.

  1. StockVault

The collection of StockVault has reached over 40,000 royalty free photos, designs, and graphics. All these images were created by experienced designers, photographers, and students from every corner of the world. Remember that there are two tabs on this website – Premium Stock Photos and Free Stock Photos. It is obvious which tab you should choose if you want to get photos for social media pages without spending a dime.